Some Things Are Real

Nowadays with all the scams, lies, con jobs and outright thievery being marketed online; it is tough to find real businesses started. We have become so used to being disappointed that it is nearly impossible for us to believe anyone about anything online. Mostly we ignore about 98% of what we’re told.

At least I do.

It used to be, if you, as a kid; wanted to make some money you could sell lemonade or cut the grass. I remember selling pens one time. Did fairly well also. Had brand new, unused pencils and sold them for a dime apiece.

Now sadly, if I told you, I’d give you a pencil for no cost whatsoever… you’d run screaming in the other direction. And all because some very unscrupulous people reside online with their sole purpose being for you to send them money.

Times have certainly changed. It makes things a bit tougher.

Allow me to tell you about a startup that I’ve learned a lot about these last few months. They don’t sell anything. Instead, they provide ways you can decrease your monthly expenses. It’s a simple enough idea. Lower your expenses and you will have more money left over to do things like pay bills off or increase your savings.

You can join as a Charter Member or as a FANN (free member).

In any event, you may use their free Concierge Service to reduce some of your expenses. All you do is complete a short form and let the Concierge people attempt to find you better deals on Mortgages, Phones, Autos, etc..

I’ve used this service and it works. I recommend the free membership.

In the next few weeks, they will begin offering a free debit card tied to a free bank account. Not to worry, this bank is a regular FDIC Bank with all the features you have at your current bank. Loans, Checking and Savings Accts. etc.. .

Now (here comes the genius thought )… when we use this New Debit Card, we’ll have to share in the Charges the identical way the Banks do!!!

Imagine if you had a small group of people… let’s say 100. They begin swiping it every day, several times buying gasoline, food, shopping, going to the movies and… you get paid each swipe! Austin Wildlife Removal


Imagine if you had 1,000 people in a down-line all swiping the card and you were getting paid several times daily… over and over?

That is what this is all about! It’s real. Worth a look don’t you think.